Two Down, Three To Go

It’s exam season for us University Students. Works hard, but thank god for internal phones! It’s quite nice having a panel of Mathematical Experts waiting to except my endless annoying questions about the inter workings of Mathematical Methods…namely Integration and Differentiation! It’s the night before my third exam and i’m feeling as about confident as I get. But i’m craving music! I’m really missing grabbing my guitar impulsively and trying to out new ideas. I’ve had enough time in my breaks to get a a couple of video‘s out which is quite nice. I really like hearing what people have got to say. Its strange though. As soon as you put something out there on the web it seems that people start trusting you straight away. I often get questions on my video’s, and a few emails, about what I think people should buy. Feels like a lot of responsibility to me. I’m often not too sure what to recommend as I know my personal preferences are probably very different to others in terms of guitars, tech, things like that.

Ach well, I can’t say I don’t enjoy it. Whenever I see that you YouTube email come into my Inbox I have to click straight away! But then again though, if someone leaves a question in a comment but gives me a thumbs down I do reconsider why I’m replying. I always do though.

SPAM though….last place I thought I’d get spam would be UStream….Apparently someone wants to be my friend and they are awaiting my ‘lovely reply’ . . . . . .

Anyway, exam tomorrow morning. I’m off.

In the words of SpeakerJak . . . ‘Hold On Tight’



~ by speakerd on May 11, 2008.

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