The Home Straight

4 down, 1 to go. Exams that is. This morning I had my Informatics 1B Object Oriented Programming exam. Which unsurprisingly was fairly difficult. It does however end the set of exams for this semester which I’d rather not do!

Each year I’ve gone through school I have celebrated no longer having to examined for certain subjects. First it was French. I struggle enough as it is with English and French (which at the time was mandatory) I did not enjoy. At that point in time I was sitting eight different subjects. Those were my Standard Grades and Intermediate 2’s. The next step was my Highers which only consisted of 5 subjects, which was much better. It did however still mean I had to take Geography! Social Sciences were never really my strong point either. I could see reasoning behind things but it was all far to slow. I liked to get into the thick of things. I wanted to feel and understand what was going on. Thats why I’ve been doing Technology from the beginning.

I’m now studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. It’s a great course and it’s what I’ve wanted to do for most of life…I reckon its the closest I’m going to get in finding my ideal Degree in Inventing! However, as always, the good comes with the bad. This year I had to choose an outside course to accompany my Engineering Degree. I’ve also had very keen interest in computers and tech for quite sometime so Informatics seemed like the right idea for me. I’ve been experimentally programming for a few years. I even taught myself how to program in Texas Instrument Language! What I knew of ‘Computing’ from school though, was very different to what I am studying hear. I find it very interesting, but also very perplexing sometimes…Logic isn’t so Logical after all!

As part of main degree I also have to take two types of Mathematics this year. Applicable Mathematics and Mathematical Methods. Both very useful courses. Which I do find challenging, but once I get a principle it pretty much sticks. As apposed to trying to solve problems in an effort to learn methods, which I know works well for some people, I just need to see a full example of what is happening in a solution and I can reverse Engineer the question. Thats what I love about Maths. That you can do that. Not so easy in Informatics however. Anyway, my point here is that even though I didn’t come to University to read Mathematics I fully understand that it is going to become a rather significant part of my life. That I respect a lot, and is therefore one of the few things I am very passionate about.

Then there is the Engineering. Something I think I’m really studying due to my huge respect for the subject, and what it entails and has done for our species. Electronics are crucial to every Technological advancement in this day and age without doubt. Electronics have provided man kind with the ability to understand the world around him in phenomenal detail and the ability to reach out to the planets in our solar system, in an attempt to better understand of where we came from. Electronics and Electrical Engineering underpins so much of the human civilization, and the networks between us. Business world wide can take place at mind blowing speed because of the interconnection of our race through our information highway.

Everything around me contanstly reminds what Electronics and it Engineers have done for us. And it is this which inspires me continue working towards my degree and to some day contribute something to this mass of information.

Year 2008. 1st of University.

4 Years To Go


~ by speakerd on May 13, 2008.

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